Southern Costa Rica.

In southern Costa Rica are located some of the most bio diverse places of the Pacific. This area offers from waterfalls inside the rainforest to beautiful beaches and wetlands. And many more if we talk about Corcovado National Park which has nine different habitats and at least 50% of CR’s animals. Personalized tours, best recommendations and full animal watching experience.

For those who are really nature lovers: Corcovado National Park offers the possibility of staying at Sirena Station which now counts with very nice eco-friendly bungalows and bathrooms for men and women separated. A delicious and energetic varied menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner will give you enough energy. Once installed there the adventure and “Corcovado experience” stars with the different trails that guarantee you a great variety of animals such as: tapirs, pecaries, coatis, monkeys, poison frogs, dozens of birds and with lucky a wildcat will get close to us.

Remind that Corcovado National Park can be only visited with an official guide who has to be inscribed in the Corcovado’s official list of guides.

You can check out that I am on list with my license number #1345. Official list.

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